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Transmission line tower & Substation structure

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Transmission line tower & Substation structure Product Details:


Transmission Tower is a kind of steel frame to brace electric power transmission line. Angle tower is featured in wide application, standardized design, matured technology and can be used in various types of voltage and transmission distance.

Furthermore, CTSS is able to provide various steel supporting structures for the switchyard in substation, including:

Support structures for disconnect switches, switch operating mechanisms, circuit breaker, current transformer, voltage transformers, lightning arresters, line traps and post insulators.

Portal structures (Gantries) for overhead conductors in long spans



Ø  ASCE(for structure design)

Ø  ASTM-A123(for galvanization)



Ø  Voltage range: 110kV-1000kV


Application: long distance electric transmission and support structure for the equipments in switchyard of substations.

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