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High Voltage XLPE Insulated Power Cable upto 400kV

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High Voltage XLPE Insulated Power Cable upto 400kV Product Details:


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) insulated cables have been widely used for electric power distribution of voltage up to 30kV grade since they were developed in 1960 to replace the paper insulated cables and other thermoplastic insulated cables. XLPE cables have many excellent characteristics, especially for use in higher operating temperature. Generally PE insulated cables can be used in maximum operating temperature of 70°C and paper insulated cables in 85°C, but XLPE cables, which have more compact crystallity than PE by cross- linking process, can be used up to 90°C in normal condition.


Thanks to the development of the techniques, the XLPE cable is able to reach 220kV, 345kV and even 500kV.



IEC 60228 conductors of insulated cables



Ø  Excellent electrical properties

Ø  Higher operating temperature, higher current capacity

Ø  Excellent physical and mechanical properties

Ø  Anti-chemical properties

Ø  Ease of jointing, installation and maintenance



Typical specification:

Ø  Type: 230kV single core cable

Ø  Nominal area: 1200mm2

Ø  Approx thickness of conductor shield: 2.0mm

Ø  Thickness of insulation: 23mm

Ø  Approx. thickness of insulation shield: 1.3mm

Ø  Thickness of sheath: 2.6mm

Ø  Thickness of jacket: 5.0mm

Ø  Overall diameter: 132mm

Ø  Approx. weight:24.2kg/m



Application: long distance electric transmission and support structure for the equipments in switchyard of substations.

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