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Capacitor Product Details:


High voltage shunt capacitor is oil immersed and is applied to AC power system with rated voltage over 1KV for improving power factor and quality of power grid.



ØAmbient  temperature:≥-40℃

ØNo hazardous gas, steam and conductive & explosive dust

ØNo strong vibration


IEC60871-1:1999 Standard(High voltage shunt capacitor).


Ø  Large capacitance
Ø  Compact structurer
Ø  High realibility
Ø  Steady performance
Ø  High temperature resistance


Ø  Loss angle(tgδ): For film-paper capacitor is ≤ 0.0008, and that of film dielectric capacitor is ≤0.0005

Ø  Capacitor dielectric between foil can endure 2.15 times of rated voltage for 10 seconds


Typical specification:

Ø  Two 50MVAr-132kV -50Hz shunt capacitor banks in bridge connection

Ø  Including inrush current limiting air-core reactors

Ø  Unbalance protection, control and protection relay panels

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