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  • Power Generation
    Our power plant projects range mainly available from small capacity of 5MVA to well over 500 megawatts. We specialized in hydropower plant such as Francis, Kaplan, Pelton, Tubular hydro turbine generator unit; standby power plant such as diesel generator set, Gas generator set, High voltage generator set, Containerize generator set, Moving/mobile generator set, Soundproof generator set and Marine generator set...
  • Power Transmission
    Power transmission is a Bridge from Power plant to application site. The transmission and substation carried important responsibility to supply stable and efficiency power to destination. Our works stage from 10kV set-up to 500kV, and 500kV set down to 10kV, it including variety of electrical equipment, such as power transformers; high-voltage switchgears; GIS; power cables; transmission towers; substation steel structure; electrical auxiliary parts(Current transformer, voltage transformer, surge arrester, resistor, insulator), ...They are all available in our supply scope.
  • Power Distribution
    Power distribution is a bearer from substation to terminal user. The safe, reliable, quiet and sustained power supply must tie to excellent electrical equipments. It's including MV&LV switchgears, mini compact pad-mounted substations; energy meters...are supplied by our company.