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ZTR to supply power transformers to Saudi Arabian market


 Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya: Zaporozhtransformator (ZTR), the Ukrainian-based manufacturer of transformer equipment, has signed their first contract for the supply of equipment to Saudi Arabia with the Saudi National Grid, which commissioned the production of spare power transformers.

The peculiarity of this project, the cost of which remains undisclosed, is that each of the supplied transformers will be used as spare equipment for several power transformers of similar voltage and capacity, but which were produced by different manufacturers and are of different age and size, reports GIGAmir.

To achieve this, the spare transformers will be supplied with two sets of different types of high-voltage bushings to provide interchangeability with several types of old transformers.

The ordered transformers will be delivered to Saudi Arabia in November this year.

Source: GIGAmir