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Siemens provides multi-modular E-House solution for chemical complex in Hungary

2019-2-28 Patrick Haddad www.powertransformernews.com

 Seven modular power distribution substations will ensure the power supply for the operation of a new chemical complex of the MOL Group, a leading international oil and gas company from Hungary.

The E-Houses will be installed in Tiszaújváros, Northeast of Budapest, where thyssenkrupp will construct a petrochemical complex of roughly 400,000 square meters on an area near to existing industrial facilities. The plant is scheduled to go into operation in 2021 and will produce important intermediates for various industries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Siemens’ scope of supply includes seven multi-modular E-Houses with a total of 90 individual modules. They are mainly equipped with medium- and low-voltage systems as well as a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. The E-Houses have also been engineered with proven building technologies. For example, a fire suppression system will be installed to ensure personnel and equipment safety.

“As the EPC and technology partner for our customer MOL, we optimize every aspect of the project execution. Using prefabricated and pre-tested solutions like the E-Houses helps us to reduce the on-site works for such installations to a minimum,” says Sami Pelkonen, CEO of the Electrolysis & Polymers Technologies Business Unit at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions.

The E-House modules will be built, equipped, and pre-tested at the manufacturing yard prior to their delivery, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020. Due to the high degree of prefabrication, the required resources – time and money – can be reduced. Compared with conventional site-built constructions, this plug-and-play solution demands less presence on-site, leads to less risk of construction delays, and minimizes possible interference with other on-site activities. The pre-testing ensures a high level of quality and reliability.

“We are proud to provide thyssenkrupp with this customized, modular, and reliable power supply solution as an alternative to a conventional one. It allows our customer to generate revenue in their core business in a fast manner,” says Stephan May, CEO of the Medium Voltage and Systems Business Unit in the Siemens Energy Management Division.