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Maintenance & Repair

CTSS after-sale service is not only available for guarantee period but also for the whole lifetime. After expire of guarantee warranty, most user or customer might feel anxiously worry about their equipment not safe in future operation. CTSS makes all its customers rest assured by its comprehensive services.

From the beginning of our equipment design, we must to know, how many years it will serve for the substation, or what is the proposed of its lifetime would be reliable performance. The precarious quality usually results from cursory production and quality control negligence. CTSS always make a plan from materials resource to through whole contract. The frequently maintenance and regular, periodical overhaul must be carried out. The equipment will bring you fabulous performance and economical spending.

Damage or happenings in operation are always caused by adverse, the non-periodical or less maintenance. Whatever and whenever problems of transformers happened to the equipment, please firstly observe equipment and environment then write the detailed report with site situation picture as soon as possible. Make sure personnel safety and draw a list of damaged equipments or products failures step by step. Please send us email or fax feedback to our office at your earliest convenience. We study the problems the minute we receive feedback and give you temporarily solutions to placate moment situation. Our team will get your acceptance to analyze the damage degree, and to make a feasibility and economical solution report to your side. The repair charges will be friendly negotiated between two parties. We will use the cost of spare parts to instead and replace of the damages to recover its abilities.