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After commissioning (during guarantee period)

Checking List

CTSS products are designed to reduce maintenance to a minimum level.
In order to ensure the trouble free cooperation, maintenance works must be carried out in regular intervals. Checking List of Maintenance shows the recommended time intervals for maintenance. Detailed instructions concerning maintenance works of various accessories will be provided along with the catalogues of the respective manufactures, which are included in the OPERATION MANUAL DOCUMENTS delivered together with the products.

 The skills of operations and maintenance personnel play a key role in equipment performance as well as maximizing return on investment.
CTSS provides a portfolio of standard courseware and customized training to help personnel keep skills up-to-date.

On-site training

Standard and customized hands-on training packages delivered at your site by CTSS service specialists. Training can include theory of operation, product application, operating and maintenance requirements etc.
 Trouble Shooting

 Although trouble in transformers is rare, problems do occur and CTSS is responsible for providing solution for clients in the earliest time. Some normal troubles can be and should be detected and solved at the earliest time in order not to effect the efficient operation of transformers. Trouble shooting offered by CTSS shows the faults, possible causes on protective and supervisory instruments and accordingly the remedial measured suggested by CTSS.

In case of anything abnormal occurring during operation, advice and solution from CTSS is available by contacting our after-sale service department!
Other Problem Solutions

 Solutions for other troubles for the operation of power generation, transmission and distribution are available from CTSS by consulting our Technical Department.