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Tubular, Bulb Turbine Generator Units

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Tubular, Bulb Turbine Generator Units Product Details:

Descriptions & Features:
Tubular turbine and Bulb turbine is suitable for heads from 2m to 20m and large discharge. lts feature is that the water flow is axial throughout the passage from the inlet to the outlet, so that the passage is a straight conduit essentially. The tubular turbine is characterized by good characteristic of water flow and high efficiency etc.

Mainly Specification:

Model GD, GZ
Rated head (m) 2 - 20 m
Rated flow (m 3 /s) 1.0 - 250
Rated speed (rpm) 75 – 500 rpm
Rated output (KW) 200KW-60MW
Runner Diameter (M) 0.8 – 6.0 m

Model SF
Rated Capacity (KW) 200KW-60MW
Rated output (KW) 200KW-60MW
Rated voltage(KV) 0.4, 6.3, 6.6, 10.5
Rated speed 75-500rpm

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