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Pelton Turbine Generator Units

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Pelton Turbine Generator Units Product Details:

Descriptions & Features:
The Pelton hydraulic turbine is suitable for heads fron 80-1600m. lt utilizes the dynamic power of water flow to rotate the runner and do work, The centre line of the jet is in the same plane as the runner. Pelton turbine has the advantages of compact construction, stable running and easy operation.

Mainly Specification:

Model CJ, XJ
Rated head (m) 80- 1600 m
Rated flow (m 3 /s) 0.1 - 20
Rated speed (rpm) 150 – 1500 rpm
Rated output (KW) 100KW-80MW
Runner Diameter (M) 0.8 - 6.0 m

Model SF
Rated Capacity (KW) 100KW-80MW
Rated output (KW) 100KW-80MW
Rated voltage(KV) 0.4, 6.3, 6.6, 10.5
Rated speed 150-1500rpm

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