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Kaplan Turbine Generator Units

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Kaplan Turbine Generator Units Product Details:

Descriptions & Features:
The Kaplan (axial-flow) turbine for low head from 2m to 70m. lts feature is that the water flow passes through the runner axially. The axial-flow turbine can be classified into two forms according to the runner construction: one is fixed blades (Propeller) for small variation of head and power, the other is movable blades (Kaplan) for large variation of head and power.

Mainly Specification:
Kaplan Turbine:

Model ZD, ZZ
Rated head (m) 2 - 70 m
Rated flow (m 3 /s) 1.0 - 200
Rated speed (rpm) 68.2 – 750 rpm
Rated output (KW) 100KW-100MW
Runner Diameter (M) 0.8 - 8.0 m

Model SF
Rated Capacity (KW) 100KW-100MW
Rated output (KW) 100KW-100MW
Rated voltage(KV) 0.4, 6.3, 6.6,10.5
Rated speed 68.2-750rpm

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