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Transformer move eased by ModulMAX crane


Dynamic Specialized of New Kent, VA, has used a Faymonville trailer to move a 211USt transformer 10 

The company needed to plan for travel on highways and roads run by a mix of city, state, and federal authorities.

For its heavy haul and rigging projects, Dynamic has a fleet of Faymonville ModulMAX G-SL. To move a transformer for a local substation in Newport News, the specialists assembled the trailer in a 4+6 combination with a flat deck.

“We had a permitted gross weight of 423,430lb and rough outline dimensions of 130ft length, 11ft 4in width and 15ft 3in height”, explained operations manager Josh Sohler and describes some more details. “This unit came into another terminal. However, due to the overall height, we made alternate arrangements with the local floating crane to have this unit discharged at the Newport News Marine Terminal.”

From the Newport News Marine Terminal, Dynamic Specialized transported the transformer unit about 10 miles total, with the various restrictions. This required utilizing city jurisdictional streets, getting onto the state maintained roads, entering the interstate highway and back onto the city streets for the final delivery.

Sohler said: “As always, we had all of the proper planning and coordination completed upfront. The project delivery went overwhelmingly smooth for the Dynamic crew with the use of our Faymonville modular axle lines.

“Rolled platform deck edges, more robust steering arms or easily accessible knee pin locations have helped keep us on the road longer with significantly reduced support requirements.”