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85-ton power transformer transported to Kaitaia


 New Zealand, Northland: A new power transformer arrived in Kaitaia as part of the multimillion-dollar reconstruction of Top Energy's power network in the Far North, New Zealand.

The 85-ton power transformer was transported by a giant truck consisting of three prime movers and a 112-wheel trailer. Two trucks pulled the trailer while one pushed it from behind, the whole convoy weighing 190 tons, reports The Northern Advocate.

The truck had to overcome the challenge of crossing the Mangamuka Ranges where the trailer had to be reduced in length by four axles to manoeuvre the Mangamuka’s twisting terrain, which took one day and involved jacking up the transformer.

The new power transformer built by Alstom Grid in Jakarta, Indonesia, will replace Kaitaia’s faulty transformer and convert the 110 kV supply entering Kaitaia to 33 kV.

Source: The Northern Advocate 
Rawcliffe (CC Licence)

85-ton power transformer transported to Kaitaia