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MR Digitalization turnaround

2022-7-29 MR

With its ISM® platform, MR offers transformer manufacturers an open platform for transformer digitalization and supports them in becoming solution providers

Electricity grid operators are in the midst of a turning point: To ensure the stability of grids, they have to master complex modernizations of technology and infrastructure, for which intelligent transformers play a central role. To enable transformer manufacturers to meet these growing demands, MR now offers the ISM® platform which is an open, manufacturer-independent key technology for digitizing power transformers in which all data collected via sensors converges and which includes a freely configurable control system. In addition to monitoring individual transformers, important information for fleet control can be generated from the bundled evaluation across the entire fleet, thus allowing asset managers to perform condition-based maintenance, for example.

Advising the integration and development of additional services

The ISM® system is housed in a control cabinet in which all applications and functions are integrated, and all the data from the various installed sensor units converge. At the same time, the system serves as an open platform on which additional sensors can be connected in an uncomplicated manner, regardless of the manufacturer. As part of this new offering, MR also offers transformer manufacturers advice and support in developing their individual configurations. Once all technical and design specifications have been defined, MR produces the complete system in its own plant in Regensburg and delivers it just-in-time.

Jürgen Ach, Director of Automation at MR explains: "We can help transformer manufacturers transform themselves from system integrators to solution providers while becoming less dependent on subsystem suppliers such as sensor manufacturers. That's why we don't offer individual components but rather an open, manufacturer-independent platform on which they can compose their own solutions. This open principle means that we also install sensors from third-party manufacturers for OEMs. We also support them in developing their own software modules on the ISM® platform thereby enabling them to differentiate themselves from their competitors with an individual range of products and services."

Sebastian Hilmer, Head of OEM Cooperations, adds: "With the increasing demands on the energy grid as well as the growing amount of available sensor data, the need for intelligent algorithms is also growing. We develop these together with our customers and support them in opening up new business models - such as linking temperature and weather data to create an intelligent fan control system." OEMs save time and money by integrating all sensor technology and functions on one platform and by being able to add their own software to the system independently. Jürgen Ach adds, "A digital transformer is nevertheless a high cost factor. We want to be the ones to scale this concept - which means ensuring more affordable prices through high volumes - so that all OEMs can invest in digital systems."