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Manage Transformer Lifetime Costs with Online Condition Monitoring


 The total cost of asset ownership is increasingly an important measure for owners of power transformers.

The maintenance teams needs to extend an asset’s useful life, while controlling and preventing unexpected repair and replacement costs that would stretch budgets.

Longer life, lower average costs

While the average lifetime of a power transformer is around 40 years, for individual this can vary by up to +/- 15 years.  The 55-year lifetime of a well-maintained transformer as opposed to across a 25-year lifetime can make a significant difference. Read the blog of this topic:  Managing Transformer Lifetime Costs with Online Condition Monitoring.

This blog highlights

  • getting the oil monitoring method right can make significant savings in operational costs
  • with online DGA monitoring teams can identify which transformers are developing faults much earlier and prioritize maintenance for those assets