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Earthing/Grounding Transformer

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Earthing/Grounding Transformer Product Details:


In some situation, the system neutral may not be available. To be able to ground these systems, earthing /grounding transformers can be used to create a neutral, which in turn can be connected to ground either directly, or more commonly, through a Neutral Grounding Resistor (NGR). These combinations are known as artificial neutrals. 



Ø  IEC-76 .1-1993 Power Transformers: general

Ø  IEC-60076 Power Transformers

Ø  JB/T3837-1996 Approaches for Editing Type of Transformer

Ø  GB1094.1.2-1996 Manufacturing Standard of Power Transformer

Ø  GB1094.3.5-2003 Manufacturing Standard of Power Transformer

Ø  GB/T 6451-2008 Technical Parameters and Requirements of the Three-phase Oil-immersed Power Transformer


Ø  Optimized transformer weight and dimensions

Ø  High efficiency

Ø  Operation reliability

Ø  Easy maintenance

Ø  Pretty outline and compact structure


Brief specification:

Ø  Voltage class: 6kV to 11kV

Ø  Capacity: 1001000kVA

Ø  Insulation level: LI75/AC35

Ø  Neutral point current: 16.5A to 165A



Application: earthing transformer is widely used in electrical substation, power house, industry plant as a neutral grounding point.

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