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CELEC EP energises La Paz substation

2021-7-1 BN Americas

The Electricity Corporation of Ecuador (CELEC EP) has energized and put into operation the La Paz substation, at 138 thousand volts, located in the Nabón canton, Azuay province.

This work will allow the interconnection of the future Minas de Huascachaca wind farm, of 50 MW (megawatts), with the National Transmission System (SNT)

The La Paz substation cuts a circuit of the Cuenca-Yanacocha transmission line, at 138 thousand volts, belonging to CELEC EP TRANSELECTRIC and will transport the energy from the Minas de Huascachaca wind farm, which is built by ELECAUSTRO SA The new substation was built by the generating company and supervised by technical personnel of the TRANSELECTRIC Business Unit.

Eng. Raúl Canelos, manager of CELEC EP TRANSELECTRIC, said that the new La Paz substation will be available for when the Huascachaca wind farm begins operations. This will improve the delivery of energy in the short term to the SNT, which transports energy from the generation plants to the distribution companies on a national scale, through the high voltage transmission network.