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252kV Voltage Transformer/Potential Transformer

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252kV Voltage Transformer/Potential Transformer Product Details:

252kV Voltage Transformer or Potential Transformer(VT or PT)

Voltage Transformer or Potential Transformer (VT or PT) is used for measurement of voltages. It has a large number of secondary turns and a fewer number of primary turns. They are used to increase the range of voltmeters in electrical substations and generating stations. It works along the same principle of other transformers and converts voltages from high to low. It will take the thousands of volts behind power transmission systems and step the voltage down to something that meters can handle.


According to the different insulation medium, it can be divided into SF6 VT and Oil immersed VT. According to the working principle, it can be divided into Electromagnetic Voltage Transformer and Capacitive Voltage Transformer (CVT).



GB/T 4703—2007 Capacitive Voltage Transformer

IEC 60186 Voltage Transformer



Ø   Small dimension, low weight and good craftsmanship

Ø   Low dielectric dissipation factor on capacitor divider, and litter change of temperature coefficient

Ø   Well insulated and low partial discharge

Ø   Reasonable parameter setting and high resistance to internal resonance.

Ø   Fast transient response

Ø   High precision and large secondary output capacity.


Typical specification:

Ø   Type: Capacitive Voltage Transformer

Ø   Highest system voltage: 252Kv

Ø   Rated primary voltage:220/√3

Ø   Rated secondary voltage:0.1/√3,0.1√3, 0.1/√3,0.1

Ø   Accuracy class: 80/0.2, 80/0.5,80/0.5,80/3P, 300/3P

Ø   Rated insulation level:252/395/950KV

Ø   Creepage distance: 25(31)mm/KV

Ø   Rated frequency: 50Hz

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