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126kV Gas Insulated Circuit Breaker(SF6)CB

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126kV Gas Insulated Circuit Breaker(SF6)CB Product Details:

126kV Gas Insulated Circuit Breaker(SF6)CB


Circuit breaker (CB) has been around for almost as long as industrial electrical power usage. They react automatically to fluctuations in electrical current, and trip to protect a circuit from damage from overloading or short circuiting. Modern SF6 type circuit breakers use compressed gas to interrupt current flow and are common in electrical power substations. 
Current interruption in a high-voltage circuit-breaker is obtained by separating two contacts in a medium, such as sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), having excellent dielectric and arc-quenching properties. After contact separation, current is carried through an arc and is interrupted when this arc is cooled by a gas blast of sufficient intensity.


IEC-60056 High Voltage Alternating Current Circuit-Breakers

GB1984-2003 High Voltage Alternating Current Circuit-Breakers



Ø   Compact and simple construction

Ø   Low operation noise

Ø   High reliability

Ø   No leakage, operator and environment friendly design.

Ø   Easy erection & free maintenance


Application: It is suitable for control and protection of electrical power system, and can also be used as interconnected circuit breaker.   


Typical specification:

Ø   Type: SF6 Circuit Breaker

Ø   Highest system voltage: 126kV

Ø   Rated frequency: 50Hz

Ø   Rated current: 3150, 2500,

Ø   Rated short circuit breaking current: 40,31.5 KA

Ø   Rated short circuit making current (peak): 100,80KA

Ø   Rated short time withstand current : 40,31.5 KA

Ø   Rated peak withstand current(peak) : 100,80KA

Ø   First pole to clear factor: 1.5,

Ø   Rated operating sequence: 0-0.3s-CO-180s-CO

Ø   SF6 rated pressure: 0.5MPa

Ø   SF6 annual gas leakage ratio: ≤0.5%

Ø   Gas weight: 12KG

Ø   Product weight: 2000KG

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