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Russia finds application for ABB’s auxiliary power supply solutions

5/18/2015 ABB Russia

 Russia, Moscow: ABB participated in the 21st Annual Meeting of the Association of Russian Energy Cities, Progress Elektro, held from 25-26 March in the Government House of Moscow Oblast.

At the meeting, ABB presented a report on high voltage power transformers, which addressed the issue of auxiliary power supply for voltages of 110 kV to 500 kV, reports ABB Russia.

ABB’s SSTV oil-filled voltage transformers for substations with voltage up to 330 kV, and TIP gas-insulated transformers for voltage up to 500 kV offer a reliable and efficient solution for the power supply directly from the high-voltage line in cases when completion of the construction of a substation is impossible or economically unfeasible.

For Russia, this is relevant for the electrification of small villages and remote facilities, such as pumping stations, construction sites or cell towers. These transformers can also serve as a mobile power source in the aftermath of natural disasters and other emergencies.

Source: ABB Russia