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Renovation planned for Vienna West substation

2022-9-16 APG

Wiener Netze and Austrian Power Grid have announced the project to renovate Vienna’s West substation.

The new system is designed to meet the increasing electricity needs of customers in Vienna and the surrounding area and, unlike the existing system, is not being built outdoors, but is housed in a building as a compact switchgear. The new building also has space for the existing medium-voltage system on the premises.

“As the electricity network operator for Vienna and the surrounding area, Wiener Netze is doing everything to ensure that the energy transition succeeds. The renewal and expansion of the substations is an important piece of the puzzle. The high security of supply that we enjoy here in Vienna can only be maintained with timely investment and forward-looking planning,” emphasized Peter Hanke, City Councilor for Economic Affairs, at today’s groundbreaking ceremony for the renovation of the West substation in Hietzing.

“When planning, we decided to bring the two 110-kilovolt switchgear — both ours and that of APG — together in one building. This new switchgear is independent of weather influences, more compact and more powerful than the previous infrastructure. Operational management is the responsibility of Wiener Netze and is cheaper than operating two separate substations,” explains Wiener Netze Managing Director Gerhard Fida.

A total of €16 million is required for the renewal of the West substation. The new switchgear is scheduled to go into operation in 2025 and replace the existing systems.