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New transformer tested in the Hernandarias industrial park

2015-1-27 abc

 Paraguay, Alto Paraná: The National Electricity Administration (ANDE) performed a test energization of a 220/23 kV transformer 41.6 MVA at the field of the future Hernandarias industrial park in Alto Paraná department.

For this purpose, a 2 km 220 kV line was first laid to connect the transmission line to the future industrial park substation. The position of the second 220 kV transformer was also determined, reports abc.

Upon completion of the project, the industrial zone, which currently houses more than 20 companies in various areas, will have two power transformers installed: a 220/66 kV transformer bank with a capacity of 75 MVA and a 220/23 kV transformer 41.6 MVA.

The two transformers will ensure over 115 MVA power for transmission and distribution within the Hernandarias industrial park.

Source: abc