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Mini Gas Insulation Switchgear(GIS)

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Mini Gas Insulation Switchgear(GIS) Product Details:



GIS (SF6 Gas Insulated Switchgear) technology is a method allowing the construction of highly compact switchgear in spite of the high voltage. Gas Insulated substations are essential in the transmission of electrical energy, to growing urban centers, where conventional air insulated substations can no longer meet the requirements of available space, pollution, safety, maintenance, and other expectations.

GIS differs greatly from traditional Metal Clad switchgear. As in air insulated Metal Clad switchgear, vacuum circuit breakers are used for interruption. MV GIS switchgear differs from high-voltage GIS switchgear in that the SF6 gas is used for its insulating properties, not for interruption. Conventional MC switchgear relies on a combination of air and solid insulating materials, but GIS switchgear uses bare bus conductors on insulating supports, immersed in insulating gas.

With skilled engineers and designers dedicated exclusively to designing GIS projects, CTSS's customers benefit from high-quality and timely design of electrical, mechanical and civil/structural systems.



Ø  IEC62271: High-voltage switchgear and controlgear

Ø  IEC 60265-1:1998 High voltage switches

Ø  IEC 60517 Gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear for rated voltages above 72.5kV


Main features


²  Through complete metal enclosure of all high voltage live parts

²  Integrated Voltage Detection System IVIS.


² Through separate mechanical control and indication of isolating and earthing /grounding

² Through forced making and breaking of the circuit breaker for earthing /grounding operation at circuit side.


All active medium voltage live parts are insensitive to environmental conditions and are in a totally protected area against externally influenced faults.


² For future extensions at both ends of the switchboard

² For integrating spare feeders

²For single or double busbar systems


² CTSS offers a high number of switching cycles through vacuum circuit breakers and a robust drive technology.

²Due to the design and construction of WI, all parts which should eventually require maintenance are easily accessible:

²Mechanical drive and motor drive

² Low voltage equipment

² Current transformers

²Voltage transformers

Brief specification:

Ø  Rated Voltage: 63~110 KV

Ø  Rated Frequency: 50 Hz

Ø  Rated Current: 2000 A~3150 A

Ø  Rated Short-Time Breaking Current: 31.5~40KA

Ø  Rated Short-Time Closing Current: 80~100 KA

Ø  Sf6 Leaking Rate: 0.5%/Year



Typical specification:

Ø  Rated Voltage: 126/145 KV

Ø  Rated Frequency: 50 Hz

Ø  Rated Current: 2500 A / 3150 A

Ø  Rated Short-Time Breaking Current: 40 KA

Ø  Rated Short-Time Closing Current: 100 KA

Ø  Rated Short-Time Withstand Current and Duration: 31.5KA/4s , 40KA / 4s

Ø  Sf6 Leaking Rate: 0.5%/Year


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