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Hitachi ABB to supply Kuwait Steel with new digital distribution transformer

2020-11-2 Hitachi ABB

 Hitachi ABB Power Grids has accepted an order from Kuwait Steel’s Rolling Mill -1 for the TXpertTM Enabled digital distribution transformer.

When Kuwait Steel planned replacement of its distribution transformer, it envisioned the various challenges traditional distribution transformers face and the operational and maintenance demands they have. The lifespan of distribution transformers extends to over 20 years and Kuwait Steel wanted its new transformers to not only meet the demands of today but also be future-ready.

Additionally, the lead time of replacing a transformer or even repair is quite long compared to other equipment of the electrical system, making monitoring its performance to prevent failure of paramount importance.

A senior personnel from the Electrical Maintenance team of Rolling Mill 1 at Kuwait Steel explains, “Digital transformers can monitor, collect and analyze various key parameters and data trends that help in assessing health of our transformers as well as of the power system. They give us visibility of our operations and assets, enabling us to take the required preventive and maintenance measures at the right time to prevent downtime.”

“Considering the specific requirement of Kuwait Steel’s operations and their vision for leveraging digital technology, we recommended our new solution, the TXpertTM  Enabled digital distribution transformer for Transformer No-2. This transformer not only collects, collates and processes transformer data, but its powerful suite of analytics provides actionable insights that eventually help the customer to save costs and increase revenue” said, Dr. Mostafa AlGuezeri, Managing Director of Hitachi ABB Power Grids business in the UAE, Gulf and Near East.

Kuwait Steel is the single-largest manufacturer of steel rebar and billets in Kuwait and has been in operations since 1996.