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GREENPAS - a new generation of conductors for overhead lines


Cables GREENPAS manufactured by TELE-FONIKA Kable have a unique three-layer structure of the insulation. The core wire is a conductor of an alloy of Al-Mg-Si, which is sealed with a special swelling powder, serving as a barrier preventing longitudinal migration of moisture. Semi-conducting layer, which is imposed on the wire, is responsible for the uniform distribution of electric field. Another insulating layer is a thermoplastic polyethylene LDPE. The outer casing is made of thermoplastic HDPE immunized to UV radiation and weathering. Just through the use of thermoplastic polyethylene it is possible to lead a full recycling of materials after usage. Compared to traditional PAS wires (with one layer of insulation) the cables GREENPAS - due to used three-layer structure - are characterized by higher insulation resistance and insulation resistance to partial discharges and sliding discharges, what is the reason that the wires are substantially less damageable than PAS wires, and provide a longer period of safe operation.