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GE Energy Launches Transformer Bushing Monitoring Technology


GE Energy launches transformer bushing monitoring technology to help utilities and industrial companies keep the power on and costs down

Today, GE (NYSE: GE) introduced the IntellixTM BMT 300, a bushing monitoring system for transformers that can detect and diagnose problems before they occur, helping improve power reliability at utilities, industrial metals businesses and petrochemical companies. It is available stand-alone or as a comprehensive solution integrated with GE’s Kelman TRANSFIX™ DGA analyzer and PERCEPTION software for an in-depth view of transformer health.

“Today more than ever, utilities and industrial companies are faced with keeping the power on and costs down,” said Simon Phillips, general manager, monitoring and diagnostics for GE’s Digital Energy business.

“Transformers are a critical contributor in the power production cycle and bushings are an integral part of the transformer. When the Kelman TRANSFIX and Intellix BMT 300 are combined, customers can proactively monitor a major cause of all transformer failures. The Intellix BMT 300 targets the critical failure points on the bushings to avoid asset damages, or in some cases, avoid complete loss of the customer’s transformer.“

In addition to increasing reliability for power utilities, the Intellix BMT 300 also supports numerous applications for several industries around the globe. For industrial metals companies, the Intellix BMT 300 can monitor bushing conditions to avoid unplanned production stoppages or partial discharge on over-stressed assets in aluminum or steel plants. For petrochemical companies, the Intellix BMT 300 can detect developing arcing faults with transformers in flammable environments and monitor bushing health to avoid significant failures.