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Canada increases power transformer production by a stunning 28%

2020-12-10 Pxhere

 The value of production for electrical power transformers (all sizes) in Canada has seen an increase of 28% in value of production (Q3 2020), compared to the same quarter last year.

According to German real-time business intelligence provider Fygen, the numbers show that Canada has reported an increase of 28% in values of production in Q3 2020, compared to the same quarter last year (Q3 2019), despite COVID-19 pandemic.

More details, including the development of the production values in Canadian dollar, can be monitored at Fygen.com (subscription necessary).

Fygen’s real-time intelligence service covers the factory activity levels for 30 transformer companies globally, global power transformer trade flow and production values. A free preview can be checked here.

A complete list of all power transformer factories in the world, including all details like manufacturing capacity in MVA, can be found here.

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