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True North Technology Inc. Introduce New Fiber Optic Cable Networking Solutions

2012-11-4 Fiber Optic News

True North Technology Inc. has recently announced that the company will be offering a new suite of solutions from fiber optic cable networking specialist Prysmian Group. These new solutions are designed to increase the capacity of an organization to transfer data across their networks at high speeds.

One of the most recent additions to the Prysmian Group catalogue is the company’s FTTx-Optimized SM Fiber, which has been designed for fiber optic cable networking applications that require a higher capacity cable product.

One of the leading advantages offered to those installing the FTTx-Optimized SM Fiber is that the product is designed to be able to handle higher optical power levels and thus provides better performance within erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA)-driven video applications. In addition, FTTx-Optimized SM Fiber is also engineered to support superior bending performance and zero-dispersion wavelength variation due to the use of tighter specifications.

Whether companies are searching for fiber optic cable networking products that will offer reliable performance in legacy or newer networks, the FTTx-Optimized SM Fiber is the requisite product because it has been manufactured to the ultimate of standards in terms of both glass geometry and coatings. Another advantage achieved through the installation of FTTx-Optimized SM Fiber from Prysmian Group is its scalability. Organizations will have the future ability to seamlessly upgrade the product thanks to its ability to be used for the full range of CWDM (Conventional Division Multiplexing) wavelengths.