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New cable connection between offshore platforms


 For the first time, two sister platforms in an offshore wind farm will be connected by means of a bridge system with the aid of a new, flexible high-voltage cable with a conductor cross section of 800 mm2.

Pfisterer has received a major contract for this pilot project within the framework of the connection of the DolWin3 converter station. The contract with a value of almost €6 million is being carried out as a turnkey project.

The connection between the platforms by means of a highly flexible 155 kV Feltoflex cable with a conductor cross section of 800 mm2 will have an overall length of 250 metres and therefore be the world's longest connection between two offshore platforms.

The onshore work to equip the converter station with medium-voltage cable systems has already started, and also marks the start of the execution phase for Pfisterer. The internal cable connections between the switchgear and the transformers will first be installed with MV cable, including the connections to the joint compartments with HV cable, before the offshore cabling stage.

In the next stage the 4.5-kilometre-long HV cables will then be installed, as well as the CONNEX connection system and CONNEX HV joints in various sizes.

The completion of the HVDC offshore connection is planned by 2017.

Source: Pfisterer