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MTU Diesel Generator Set

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MTU Diesel Generator Set Product Details:

Descriptions of MTU Diesel Generating sets :
1. Using advanced ADEC electronic management system, and electronic intelligence management, lower fuel consumption, the first to break through 200 g / kWh bottlenecks, the first overhaul of time in more than 24,000 hours. 
2. Maintenance maintenance-friendly: water-cooled 4-stroke 90 ° V-cylinder arrangement, the turbo in the cold, wet can be used for cylinder, a cylinder, dry exhaust Manifold, easy to maintain; 
3. Intelligence operation: the use of advanced  ADEC electronic management system can provide accurate digital electronic speed control function, the key body parts Set up data acquisition, failure to achieve self-diagnosis and automatic, intelligent unit operation, CAN bus technology; 
4. High operating reliability: The three-part structure of aluminum Detroit Pistons top the use of wear-resistant cast iron ring, the valve seat Ring structure, long life, Detroit injection cooling, an effective solution to the cooling cooling, more reliable operation of generating units; 
5. Energy conservation and environmental protection: a unique electronically controlled fuel pump monomer, with cylinder direct injection, is superior to the German TA Luft emissions standards, electronic intelligence management, Lower fuel consumption, the first to break through 200 g / kWh bottlenecks; 
6.Performance: operational stability and vibration of small fuel consumption rates, oil consumption rate is low and long operating life, overhaul a long time and low noise. 
Applications of Doosan Diesel Generator Set:
This kind of industrial diesel generator is mainly used in such fields as national defense, aviation, vehicles, marine and equipment etc.

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