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Lipetsk $150M power upgrade programme approved


 Russia, Lipetsk: Lipetsk Region Governor, Oleg Korolev, has signed the 2016-2020 power development scheme for the Lipetsk region, valued at nearly $150 million (9.5 billion rubles).

The scheme will provide for the construction and reconstruction of a total of 32 substations and 300 kilometres of power lines of 35 kV and above, reports Lipetsk Media.

Under the programme, the power infrastructure of special economic zones in the region will be strengthened with a 110 kV substation with a 25 MVA power transformer in the Danko zone, while Eletsprom zone in Yelets will in the first phase receive a mobile transformer substation of 110 kV, with a 25 MVA transformer, and in the second phase a stationary 110 kV substation will be set up with a 40 MVA.

Additionally, a 220 kV substation will be built to supply electricity to residents of the special economic zone Lipetsk, as well as a 110 kV substation for the power supply of industrial consumers in Krasninskoe region, and a 35 kV substation to supply power to the housing development in Yelets.

The scheme is also expected to provide stable conditions for attracting investments in the Lipetsk region.

Source: Lipetsk Media