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HV Prefabricated Transformer Substation

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HV Prefabricated Transformer Substation Product Details:


IEC 1330-1995: High-voltage/Low-voltage prefabricated substation


Operation Condition:

Ø  Operation temperature: -25℃-40℃  

Ø  Humidity: ≤95%/day, ≤90%/month

Ø  Average temperature: ≤30%/month, 20%/year

Ø  Wind velocity: ≤30%/sec.

Ø  Duty level: 3

Ø  Earthquake: Horizontal≤30%m/s2, Vertical≤30% m /s2

Ø  Gradient: ≤3℃

Ø  Protection degree: IP30


Characteristic & Structure Features:

Ø Two types of box-type transformer substation, corridor type and non-corridor type, welded frame by excellent anticorrosive steel, hot galvanizing steel base;

Ø Box-type transformer substation has 3parts, HV cabinet, LV cabinet, transformer cabinet. Layout may be customized.

Ø Two-layer roof with air inside to prevent temperature rising effectively.

Ø Natural air cooling, optional forced air cooling, optional automatic anti-congeal equipment.

Ø  Different types of load switch and fuse combination to protect the transformer.

Ø  Terminal power supply, ring supply and double power supply.

Ø  Welded body of LV cabinet, screen type nameplate.

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