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Energy meter

Energy meter Product Details:


Ø  20 digit standard transfer specification (STS)

Ø  Split measurement management unit(MMU) and indoor display unit (IDU)

Ø  Strong anti-tamper function


Ø  Receive the meter information in real time

Ø  Allow the customer to enter new credit

Ø  Display consumption rate information (LED)

Ø  RS 485 or PLC communication

Ø  Overtime use, low credit situation or meter reaches zero alarm reminding


Single or multi-tariff meter with built in real time clock (optional)

Ø  Credit data transferred from a point of sales (POS) or vending system is made into a numeric token in a 20 digit number using the standard transfer specification (STS)

Ø  Encryption techniques, which company with IEC 62055 protocol. The token can be entered into the meter via MMU or IDU, optical port as an alternative.


Mainly specificiation:


Ø  Range of current: 5(20)A, 10(40)A, 20(80)A, 10(100)A

Ø  Starting current: 0.4%Ib

Ø  Voltage: 220V/230V (±20%)

Ø  Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Ø  Meter constant: 800 imp/kWh, 3200 imp/kWh, 1600 imp/kWh


Ø  Power supply: DC5V(±10%)

Ø  Communication distance: Max: 300m

Ø  Non-volatile memory EEPROM




Ø  Accuracy:Class 1 or 2 accuracy according to IEC 62053-21 for active energy

Ø  LCD/8 digits and icon with white backlight

Ø  Operating temperature: -25℃ ~ +70℃

Ø  Humidity < 95%

Ø  Dimension (mm): L217W134 H71


Communication Standards:

Ø  Local reading & programming by keypad.

Ø  Local reading & programming passed by IEC 6117

Ø  Optical interface IEC 62056-21 protocol

Ø  MMU and IDU communication via RS485/PLC/RF

Ø  BIN or BS type




Ø  Union community

Ø Apartment hotel or building

Ø Company residence community

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