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CG opens first Power Transformer factory in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


SPTC, a joint venture between CG and STC (Saudi Transformer Company) since 2010, is inaugurating its flagship Power Transformer factory in Dammam Industrial City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on February 12, 2013.

The joint venture is dedicated to design, engineering and manufacture of Power Transformers and Mobile Sub-stations and offers full service capabilities for products installed in Saudi Arabia.

The factory has a capacity of 5000 MVA. The first transformer manufactured will leave the factory by mid-April, 2013. The joint venture has already received a five-year framework contract for sub-station services. The first orders are for one Mobile Sub-station and six 25 MVA Power Transformers. The products will be delivered to Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).

As one of the world`s leading electrical manufacturers and engineering corporations, CG has been partnering with companies worldwide to enhance its portfolio and offer its clients the best of global technologies and end-to-end solutions. Saudi Arabia is the largest market in the Middle East with a $4 billion T&D market. CG is the first company to establish a Power Transformer plant and commence Mobile Substation activities in Saudi Arabia.

CG has transferred its well-proven technology in Power Transformer design and manufacturing to the new facility.

Mohammed Alsamari, CEO of SPTC, said "I thank our partners CG and STC for the launch of this venture. The factory has been built in a record time of 12 months. We have built a state-of-the-art facility and employed the finest technician and engineers in the field along with the best available technology. We are ready to support Saudi customers in their quest for high quality and efficient Power Transformers."

Laurent Demortier, CEO and Managing Director of CG, said, “Saudi Arabia is a strategic market for CG. SEC and the other leading utilities and industry customers are innovative companies and the growth challenges that they face require deep technical interactions with leading suppliers. We do believe that the localization of our activity in Saudi will bring a high level of responsiveness and understanding of the specific needs of our Saudi customers and will pave the way for a strong long-term relationship.”