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Armenia outlines Armenia-Georgia transmission line construction plan


 Armenia, Yerevan: The technical project plan put forward by the technical commission for the construction of the new Armenia-Georgia high-voltage transmission line is now accepted, with the construction costs cut by 30 %, reports Armenpress.

The first phase of the project will include the reconstruction of a 220 kV voltage substation, and a construction of a new 400 kV voltage substation as well as a new high voltage transmission line to the Armenia-Georgia border.

The next phases involve the construction of a 500 kV substation and construction of a fixed power transformer station.

The project will be implemented by Fikhtner Engineering and Construction, which was chosen jointly with the German KfW bank which finances the program.

The project will make use of active substations to increase efficiency of the program and cut costs of the construction by 30 %.

Source: Armenpress