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33kv Cast Resin Dry-type Transformer With Enclosure

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33kv Cast Resin Dry-type Transformer With Enclosure Product Details:


The cast resin dry-type transformer can be supplied with or without enclosure. The cooling system can be by natural air (AN) or forced air by means of fans (ANAF).

The insulating system is designed to withstand 100 K in the middle conductor and a maximum temperature of 155℃, in accordance with class F defined in IEC 60076 standard, part 11 and GB/T 17211-1998. The most important insulation materials (e.g. insulation of the coil, winding and impregnation enamel) are of temperature class H/180°C or C/220°C. This gives the construction excellent operating reliability and also good endurance of short time overload. Enclosed transformers are delivered to customers in IP-23 or IP-34 shielding enclosures. Other enclosures are available upon request.


The normal operating conditions are:

-  Altitude ≤1000 m.

-  Ambient temperature:

-5 ℃up to +40℃ (C1 type)

-25 ℃up to +40℃ (C1 type)


CTSS is renowned and appreciated by its reliable products performance and integrated services. 


Ø  IEC-76 .1-1993 Power Transformers: general

Ø  IEC-60076.11-2004 Dry type transformers

Ø  IEC 60076-1:1993 Power transformers – Part 1: General amendment 1 (1999)

Ø  IEC 60076-2 Power transformers – Part 2: Temperature rise

Ø  IEC 60076-3 Power transformers – Part 3: Insulation levels, dielectric tests and external clearances in air

Ø  GB1094.1.2-1996 Manufacturing Standard of Power Transformer

Ø  GB1094.3.5-2003 Manufacturing Standard of Power Transformer

Ø  GB/T 17211-1998 Loading guide for dry type power transformers


Ø  Low loss

Ø  Low noise

Ø  Good resistance to short-circuits

Ø  Low flammability.

Ø  Self-extinguishing.

Ø  Unaffected by humidity.

Ø  Great thermal inertia.

Ø  Minimum partial discharges.

Ø  Lower installation costs.

Ø  Low maintenance.

Ø  Pretty outline and compact structure

Ø  Fully tested and certified

Ø  Suits local conditions

Ø  Cost effective

Ø  Easy operation


Brief specification:

Ø  Voltage class: 11kV-35kv

Ø  Capacity: 3020000kVA

Ø  Short circuit impedance: 4-4.5%

Ø  No load current: 0.2~1.8%

Ø  Losses: no-load losses is fully comply with IEC standard requirements


Typical specification:

Ø  Model: 35kV

Ø  Rated voltage:0kV

Ø  Rated Capacity:000kVA

Ø  Type: Three Phases, OFTC, Power Transformer


Application: 6kv, 6.3kv, 10kv, 10.5kv, 11kv, 20kv, 33kv,35kV cast resin dry transformer can be used in power substation, mining and ore, hotel, department, official building, civil industry and etc.




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