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145kV Hybrid gas insulated switchgear(HGIS or PASS)

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145kV Hybrid gas insulated switchgear(HGIS or PASS) Product Details:

145kV Hybrid Gas Insulated Switchgear (HGIS or PASS)

The only difference between HGIS and GIS is that the Bus of HGIS does not insulated in SF6 with other switches. So that it will be more convenient on maintenance.
Compared with AIS, HGIS is much more compact, Easy erection & free maintenance.
Similar like PASS from ABB, Hypack from Areva, HIS from Siemens, GIM from Alstom.
Ø   IEC62271: High-Voltage Switchgear And Control Gear
Ø   IEC 60265-1:1998 High Voltage Switches
Ø   IEC 60517 Gas-Insulated Metal-Enclosed Switchgear For Rated Voltages Above 72.5Kv
Ø   Large breaking capability
Ø   Self-energized arc control device is applied for circuit breaker. The device is so designed that the energy of arc generated is used to improve its arc quenching capability, which leads to a higher breaking capability and a lower operating force needed.
Ø   Spring & motor operating mechanism
Ø   Compact construction
Ø   All electric components including circuit breaker, disconnector, earthing switch, CT (current transformer), PT (potential transformer,voltage transformer) and lightning arrestor are three-phase enclosure type to ensure compact construction hence protection and control functions are integrated
Ø   Easy erection & free maintenance
Typical specification:
Ø   Rated Voltage: 145 KV
Ø   Rated Frequency: 50 Hz
Ø   Rated Current: 2500A/3150 A
Ø   Rated Short-Time Breaking Current: 40A
Ø   Rated Short-Time Closing Current: 100 KA
Ø   Rated Short-Time Withstand Current: 40KA
Ø   Sf6 Leaking Rate:0.5%/Year

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